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A Millennial Baseline: Interview with Jennifer M. Jackson

May 2, 2017

Episode 02 - Interview with Jennifer M. Jackson

A Millennial who created ADLT101.COM

In this episode, we chat with a millennial who says she is still struggling with this whole... becoming an adult thing.  She shares her thoughts and experience when it comes to local politics and civic responsibility.  You'll also hear a little from her about which is a site dedicated to teaching things they never taught us in school.

This Weeks Military & American Observances

May 8th - VE Day: In 1945 German forces unconditionally surrendered to end WWII.

May 12th - Military Spouse Appreciation Day: The ones who deploy aren't the only one coping and making sacrifices.  Lear more at

May 13th - Children of Fallen Patriots Day: As with spouses, the children of those who have paid the ultimate price must never be forgotten.  Visit to donate towards a scholarship for a child of a fallen service member.

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Jennifer M. Jackson

Jennifer's Voting Article