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CivicIntuition Flagship Episode: WHY

May 2, 2017

CivicIntuition Podcast Launch

I was sick of hearing about all the other successful people with a podcast...
So I finally created mine!

WHY - Motivation!

Two things have been really bugging me lately.
1. People have been too divided since the 2016 election;
2. I haven't focused enough on my values and goals.

WHO - Creator & Patrons

ME - A 33 year old from Northeast Ohio with a wife and two kids.  A 14 year military veteran and a full-time employee in the non-profit industry.  I miss having a motorcycle, love my family, once lived somewhere much warmer, am a skydiver, and a pilot.
YOU - Responsible Citizens of the USA; or Patrons from around the globe who are interested in the other stuff I create!

WHAT - Two for the Price of One

CivicIntuition Podcast - Exploring responsibility through the experiences of Americans.  Shows focus on what it means to be informed voters and engaged, responsible citizens in our communities.  When looking at the local level, getting involved with our communities to make a difference rather than expending all our energy worrying about the national problems, we can seek to affect change right in our own back yard.
My Aeronautical Dream - For longer than I can remember, I have had this yearning desire to be in the air.  I took up skydiving, at first because I thought I might never get the chance, but then it became in an addiction.  I also am fascinated with flying.  Being free to explore the thrill of aerobatics and at some point, create an opportunity to expose others to the fantastic world of flight.   Join me on my journey of creating one of the best SkyPark visions on the east coast.  Want more details? Become a patron to find out!

WHERE & WHEN - The Deets!

Main Content - Released every Tuesday beginning in May.  Available right here! You can also find content on Facebook and Twitter by searching CivicIntuition or visit my Patreon page!
Bonus Stuff! - Our Journey - It's a lot of work to think through designing a community anchored by an airport.  From just even having a concept to work with to doing the site selection and finally going through with the development, this is gonna be a LONG journey, but one I hope you'll join me on, because I've got CrAzY ideas for rewards for you guys down the road!  All this bonus stuff - Posted at random (at first) and ONLY available on my Patreon page!
My Patrons will be the ones getting me there, so they'll be the ones with all the best access

HOW - B.S.T.!

That's Blood, Sweat, and Tears!
(I'm sure a lot of late nights and an occasional disgruntled wife will be part of the equation as well.)

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