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Not Showing Up on Election Day: Mistake 1

May 16, 2017

Not Showing Up on Election Day

In part 1 of this episode, I talk about voter turnout rates and give some reasons why they are historically very low.

Did you know there are different ways to get the "rate" that voters show up?  Referencing the US Elections Project headed up by Dr Michael P. McDonald of the University of Florida, we dive into the deception often portrayed in the media after a Presidential or Midterm election.  One of the many reasons you'll learn in this episode about why people don't vote has to do with economic trade-off theory.

This Week's Military and American Observances

May 14th - Mother's Day: If you know a mom who has a deployed spouse or child, be sure to thank them for their sacrifice!

May 20th - Armed Forces Day: Many people view this as just another "Veteran's Day" but this day is not for veterans, it is set aside to specifically think about, thank and recognize those who are currently serving

Want to listen to Part 2 of this episode?

This week marks the beginning of my split podcasts.  I'd love to give you all this amazing content for free... but I got mouths to feed. :)

In part two, you'll learn about possible solutions that YOU can act on RIGHT NOW to help with this first problem of people not even showing up to vote.

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Episode Part 1 References

US Elections Project

McDonald, Michael P. 2017. "U.S. VEP Turnout 1789-Present" United States Elections Project. 26 Apr

New Citizen's Gift Box of Wisdom (Little Books of Wisdom)

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